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It's the (43rd) Most Wonderful Day of the Year (Aug. 17):

This is one of my favorite times every year, when a set of rankings comes out that are so thoroughly dissected by people all over the country, and so severely scrutinized by people whose schools are not on "the list", that you wonder why we even bother. It isn't the writers' top 25 of college football, no. It is the US News and World Report top US Colleges. There is not a single set of rankings I take more seriously in the month of August than these bad boys. That isn't saying much, but still, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be left out of this one. Let's break out our evaluation hats shall we? (More...)

Three Favorite Pictures of J.P.

My Dog Parker . . .

A picture of my A.A.U. team (The Middlesex Magic)

The Middlesex Magic played the Charlotte Royals in the National Invitational AAU Championships July 16, 2000. Using their amazing defensive stranglehold, the Magic held the Royals to an amazing 4 points in the 2nd quarter, 11 in the first half en route to a 49-45 victory. Leading the Magic were Will Thorne with 18 points, and Lou Finnegan with 14 but more importantly a three pointer from the left corner in the games closing minutes to break a 40-40 tie. The Magic went on to upset the Jersey Knights and South Carolina Lakers and destroyed the Dinwiddie Generals (VA.) 64-28 leading them to the elite 8 of the tournament where they were defeated by the Garner Road Bulldogs (NC) 60-55, Will Thorne set what was then a team scoring record with 29 points, 19 in the first half of play. The Magic are going to Winston Salem on June 8th for the North Carolina Invitational Tournament, one of the more prestegious event in the country.

J.P. September, 2000 at the Roundball Ruckus 3on3 National Championship. His team finished 1st in their region and 3rd in the state only behind Dunbar (Baltimore) and Gateway (Denver)